Line OA 1

Line OA system to be used points collection and sales promotion

Line OA system can be applied to create sales promotional activities for your customers to collect points which can be exchanged for rewards and activities.

Example: In the case that the business operator wishes
to boost sales


Example of products

QR code under instant noodle lid
QR code on a card inside snacks package

Create a QR code and place on your product

QR code under
the bottle cap

Example: QR code under the bottle cap or on a card inside snacks package


Scan the code to collect points

Scan the QR code to collect points

Create Line OA or use existing Line OA account to create activities for points collection


Collect points to exchange for rewards

Example of reward exchange interface


User instructions

Add friend in Line account e.g. @ShopReveri Member registration Collect points



Open the scanning page on Line OA

In case of points collection


User instructions (continue)

Rewards exchange Rewards page for exchanging points


Steps to create a reward for administrator

Example of creating rewards


Collect points and receive the privilege automatically

How to create activities for administrator


How to create an activity which points can be exchanged to participate for administrator.