TOYOTA prepares to serve everyone with “Mobility Happiness” throughout the year 2017 by offering an augmented reality calendar. TOYOTA is now ready to open up a new experience of our fully-integrated services and innovations for our TOYOTA clients through the innovative AR code technology on TOYOTA Calendar 2017. Simply scanning the calendarcover page, our clients will be delighted and have fun with our impressive services which will display in the form of an interactive 3D animated virtual reality. Instructions 1. Simply download TOYOTA Calendar 2017 application from App Store by using QR code found on the calendar.


  • Model
  • Marker
  • Application

2. Download the print marker at and print it out, or display it on your computer screen. 3. Open AR application and use your smart phone or tablet to capture the AR code on the calendar. 4. Video clip will be displayed and enjoy an interactive 3D animated virtual reality.

MARKER (เครื่องหมายระบุตำแหน่ง)


ผู้เขียน: Illusion Connect (Thailand)

บริษัท อิลูชั่น คอนเน็ก (ประเทศไทย) จำกัด ผู้เชียญชาญด้วย 3D MAPPING, AR CODE, VR มีผลงานมาแล้วมากมาย สนใจชมผลงานเพิ่มเติมได้ที่ e mail - Phone - 080 264 3336

หนึ่งความเห็นบน “AR CODE : TOYOTA CALENDAR 2017”


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